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Measured Surveys

A full measured survey of the site is the first action taken before production of any architectural drawings or planning drawings.

The first step in any architectural project is to understand the clients brief, familiarize with the site parameters, and to gauge what the challenges are to get a project to successful completion. Once this is established we send one of our surveyors to measure up the site using the latest lazer technology in surveying methods. We have an eye for detail and getting this first step accurate is key.

Following the Measured Survey, drawings are produced showing what the site currently looks like and what the site will look like after development. These are known as existing and proposed drawings. Once produced a first draft is given to the client and from here a discussion takes place between designer and client to come up with the perfect design to suit the site and the clients budget. Once the final design is approved by the client it would go to the next step which is to apply for planning.